Oregon Loved

Our ciders are made in an old-world style with new world sensibilities. We encourage exploration and creativity in our ciders and while our flagships might be standard, our seasonal ciders and one-offs are anything but. We hope this gives you reason to come check us out! And often because the taps will always be rotating and we want to keep you on the tips of your tastebuds and coming back for more. 

Electric Sunset
Snow Plow
Pineapple Polaris
Currant Events

(some) Ciders we have had on tap so far:

Tropic Holiday Thunder
Spiced Grog
Berry Blossom
Currantly Amazing
Straight A


Dank-what? Dankvelopment. This rotating series is changing the reality of the universe...or at least the ciders you are drinking. Some people dry hop their ciders for those floral aromas, good for them. We like terpenes.

What are terpenes? Kick-ass aroma and flavor enhancers that don't contribute sweetness, acidity or body that recreate the absolute dankest flavors and aromas from your favorite "nugs". How many of these righteous beauties are we making? Who knows, but lots...time at least... 1,000 or maybe more like 100 but whatever, it's awesome.


Hashtag (Coming Soon)
Petrol (Coming Soon)
Alpaca Bowl (Coming Soon)
Blunt Tool (Coming Soon)
YabaDABadoo (Coming Soon)
Joint Custody (Coming Soon)

What Unique Terpene ciders can you expect?

The Ghost and the Dankness
Transdimensional Cowboy
Tequila Mockingbird
Wake N Bake#1
Wake N Bake#2
ake N Bake#3
INDICAtion (Coming Soon)
Elf Treats (Coming Soon)
Dankasaurus Rex (Coming Soon)
Feeling Blue (Coming Soon)
Herbavore (Coming Soon)