Terpene Cider

The Department of Research and Dankvelopment

Terpenes are responsible for the flavor and aroma of all of the things you love (and hate). In an age of “hop wars” in the beer industry, cider started utilizing the technique of dry-hopping. We don’t want to do what everyone else does.

Terpenes are a chance to take a “better living through science” approach to dry hopping ciders, with profiles that mimic your favorite strains of mary jane.

Our unique ciders that are infused with terpenes to create an aroma and flavor of cannabis without the THC. Why terpenes? They are essential to the taste and flavor of everything you know and love, including Oregon’s favorite: Hops.

As the cousin to the hops we wanted more earthiness, more herbaciousness…more dankness. Hence we started the Xylem Cider Department of Research and Dankvelopment.


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