Year One (but hardly done)!

It was quite a whirlwind of a first year. Two cider babies grew up with their families on this crazy hair-brained idea of making tasty cider.

We created products that stood out amongst our peers, we grew out of our current space (while taking over the one next door), our subscription club blossomed and allowed us to create some products you all are clamoring for more of…and we learned… a lot.

More than anything, THANK YOU.

If it wasn’t for our subscription club and loyal followers we would be lost. You give us the support, feedback, and love to help us keep pushing the status quo. We appreciate the fuck out of all of you.

So what does year two hold in store exactly? Three new mega tanks for starters. They are going to allow us to ramp up production so that our small batch ciders can be significantly larger, not so exclusive that if you don’t come in one weekend you completely miss out.

We have nailed down a production schedule of ciders for the year that we will be sharing here soon, it’s going to blow your mind and we are going to elevate the quality and creativity of the products we offer.

Events, events, events. The first Sunday of every month is going to be family day. A chance to bring your kiddos into a welcoming community that knows kids and be rowdy, whine and cry and that’s ok. We created a networking group to connect Sherwood businesses with it’s consumers and community members that meets on the last Thursday of every month. Lastly starting April 5th, we will be doing our first drink and paint.

Lastly, expect to see us at festivals this year. We heard you, you want to boast that you knew about us first and dammit, you deserve the opportunity.

Cheers and lets make year two and 2019 the year Xylem is no longer Sherwood’s best kept secret.